Peter Chow

DipWSET, Certified WSET Educator, WSET Level 3 Award in Sake, JSA Sake Diploma International, SSI International Kikisake-shi (國際きき酒師), SSI International Sakasho (國際酒匠), WSG French Wine Scholar (FWS), WSG Champagne Master

Motivated by an insatiable curiosity regarding the enigmatic art of appreciating wines and sakes, Peter cultivated a profound fascination and dedicated himself to unearthing the hidden depths concealed within each glass. Firmly convinced that exceptional wines and sakes possess the power to unite individuals from diverse backgrounds, Peter relishes the moments spent exploring and engaging in discussions with friends and fellow connoisseurs. He ardently endeavors to demystify and disseminate the underlying principles and theories through approachable language in his teaching sessions and workshops, eager to share his knowledge with others.

Peter possesses the qualifications of DipWSET, WSET Level 3 Award Sake, J.S.A. Sake Diploma International, SSI International Kikisake-shi and International Sakasho, WSG French Wine Scholar and Champagne Master etc.  He is also a Certified WSET Educator of Wine and Sake.

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