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Sake Service Institute (SSI) International Kikisake-shi Course

Hong Kong Wine Academy has a leading role in Japanese Sake education in Hong Kong, and we are proud to present the most respected Japanese Sake course to Sake connoisseurs.

'Kikisake-shi' is Japanese sake industry's most prestigious professional qualifications, since Sake Service Institute (SSI) was founded in 1991, nearly thirty thousand candidates acquired this qualification. Originally, it is only designed for the Japanese domestic market, those who do not understand Japanese language are unable to enroll.

In view of this, Sake Service Institute (SSI) launched SSI International in 2009, 'International Kikisake-shi' course and examination are available outside Japan. Our Academy is proud to be first organization authorised by SSI International, in bringing this course to Hong Kong. The textbook is written in Traditional Chinese / English, teaching langauge will be in Cantonese / English, and candidates are free to choose to take the examination in Traditional Chinese or English. This is certainly a good news for sake lovers and professionals who would like to acquire "Kikisake-shi' certification.

Course Content:
Requirements for success as a Kikisake-shi
Alcoholic Beverages: The Basics
Sake History
Ingredients of Sake
How Sake is Made
Sake Tasting
Serving Sake
Sake Labels

Examination :
Paper 1 Basic knowledge of food and beverages including alcoholic beverages (Written)
Paper 2 Technical knowledge of sake and the formation of sales promotion (Written)
Paper 3 The formation of sales promotion through sake tasting and the knowledge regarding service (Blind tasting and written)

Please check here for course dates

Lecturer : Benny Lee

Course Fee :
$7,600 Including 15 hours lesson, SSI International Kikisake-shi examination and certification fee



30% off discount for those who finished SSA Level 2 in Hong Kong Wine Academy
15% off discount for those who finished SSA Level 2 in other organisations
Early bird discount*: 10% (full payment received at least 2 weeks before class commence)
Group discount*: 10% (3 or more registered for the same course together)

* Total 15% off for students eligible for both early bird and group discount.

** Please call 27230399 or email enquiry@hkwineacademy.com for details

日本酒侍酒研究會(SSI) 國際唎酒師課程



有見及此,日本酒侍酒研究會(SSI)於2009年成立了SSI INTERNATIONAL,更推出了可於日本國外上課及考試的「國際唎酒師」課程及資格,本中心於2014年夏季獲得日本酒侍酒研究會(SSI)授權,成為首個機構於香港舉辦「國際唎酒師」課程。課本以繁體中文/英文編寫,授課語言則為廣東話/英語,報讀人士可選擇以繁體中文或英文考試,這對日本清酒有興趣,及在業界希望考取「唎酒師」資格的人士,實為好消息。


卷一 食品及酒精飲品基本知識(筆試)
卷二 清酒技術知識及訂立推廣計劃 (筆試)
卷三 如何推廣品嘗的清酒、侍酒知識 (盲品及筆試)

**歡迎致電 2723 0399或電郵至 enquiry@hkwineacademy.com查詢


課堂導師: Benny Lee

費用 :
$7,600 (包括 15 小時課堂、SSI 國際唎酒師考試及證書)

於香港葡萄酒教育中心完成 SSA Level 2 人士可獲 7 折優惠
於其他組織完成 SSA Level 2 人士可獲 85 折優惠

學員如於開課前兩星期報名及繳交費用, 可享九折優惠

學員如3人以上一同報名, 可享九折優惠