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Sam Tse – Lecturer, WSET Educator

Sam TseMr. Tse is an alumni of Hong Kong Wine Academy and obtained the WSET® Intermediate and Advanced Certificate in Wines and Spirits. He is also a holder of Wine Fundamentals Certificate Level 1 issued by International Sommelier Guild ® and the Introductory Sake Professional Certificate issued by Sake Sommelier Association. Mr. Tse particularly loves the Italian wines that are unique with diversified style. He is also a world traveler who loves to visit around the world to personally taste and explore any good wines with excellent quality. He is diploma student in WSET® programme.

謝家俊先生為WSET®導師。謝先生受訓於香港葡萄酒教育中心,並取獲葡萄酒及烈酒基金會(WSET®)的中級和高級葡萄酒及烈酒證書。謝先生亦持有初級國際侍酒師資格和基礎入門日本清酒品酒師証書。 謝先生特別鐘情意大利酒,被其獨特多變的風格吸引。謝先生亦喜愛遊歷世界各地,親身體驗、認真品嘗及不繼發掘更多高品質的佳釀。 謝生現為WSET®的文憑學生。