About Hong Kong Wine Academy

Established by three wine enthusiasts, Hong Kong Wine Academy is dedicated to wine education. Our mission is to promote the interest and enjoyment of wine drinking through the offering of high quality wine courses at reasonable price. All our courses are taught by qualified wine professionals who are also experienced in teaching wine courses. Being independent from wine trade, we will carefully select wines from different suppliers to ensure they are suitable for the course, and aim to provide a rewarding and enjoyable learning experience for the students.


Karl Lung

DipWSET, Certified WSET Educator
Principal Lecturer & Wine Educator

Karl Lung

Mr. Lung holds the Diploma in Wines and Spirits issued by the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET®) and is an Associate of the Institute of Wine and Spirit and a WSET® Certified Educator. He has also attended various wine educator courses including Spain, Piemonte and Burgundy. He has been teaching WSET® courses since 2007 for various organizations, including the Institute for Tourism Studies of Macau.

龍克裘先生是英國葡萄酒及烈酒學會的院士。除持有WSET®的文憑資格外,亦曾參與世界各地的葡萄酒課程,包括西班牙,Piemonte及Burgundy等等的地區。 從2007年起,龍先生已開始在澳門旅遊學院等組織任教各級WSET®的課程。擁有豐富金融經驗的龍先生,對葡萄酒投資有他獨特的見解。

Mabel Lai

DipWSET, CWE, CSW, CSS, ISG(II), Certified WSET Educator, MW Candidate
Principal Lecturer & Wine Educator

Mabel Lai

Ms. Lai is the first Certified Wine Educator from the Society of Wine Educators ® in greater China. Ms. Lai also holds the Diploma in Wines and Spirits issued by the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET®), an Associate of the Institute of Wine and Spirit and a WSET® Certified Educator. Other qualification includes Certified Specialist of Wine, Certified Specialist of Spirits and Wine Fundamentals Certificate Level 2 issued by International Sommelier Guild ®.

She has been teaching WSET® courses since 2008 for various organizations , besides, she has been invited to be the guest of wine show or columnist in various media such as "Cru Magazine", "Wine Now", "New Monday", “Phoenix TV”, “Marie Claire” , “Lisa” and “Weekend Weekly”. She has also been judging in various international wine competitions such as International Wine Challenge in London.

賴曼普小姐是大中華區首位美國葡萄酒教育協會認可的葡萄酒導師. 賴小姐亦是英國葡萄酒及烈酒學會的院士和WSET®的文憑. 還擁有其他資格如美國葡萄酒教育協會的葡萄酒及烈酒專家和二級國際侍酒師等的葡萄酒等專業資格。

賴小姐自2008年起在不同機構任教各級WSET®的課程, 此外, 在不同類型的傳媒賴小姐亦被邀請擔任葡萄酒節目或專訪嘉賓如Cru Magazine, 酒經, New Monday, 鳳凰衛視, 瑪麗嘉兒, 味道及新假期等。她亦曾經參與如IWC等大型國際評酒比賽中的評審工作。

Micky Chan

DipWSET, CS, CSW, 酒サムライ, きき酒師
JSS Overseas Support Desk (Asia), The 'Future 50' Wine & Sake Winner
Principal Lecturer & Wine and Sake Educator

Micky Chan

Mr. Micky Chan is deeply involved in Wine and Sake circles, as educator, writer, international judge and consultant. He is the co-founder of Hong Kong Wine Academy, “Umai” magazine; moreover, his own social platform on Facebook and Blog – www.mickychan.com, focused on F & B sector.

As a wine and Japanese sake educator, he has been delivering courses and trainings in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Mainland China. Also, Micky is actively participating into various international competitions as judge, including International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC), International Wine Challenge (IWC), Berlin Wine Trophy & Asia Wine Trophy, etc., and judging through few thousand bottles of wines and Sakes a year. In year 2017, we achieved his another important milestone.

In Japanese Sake, he is appointed as “Overseas Support desk (Asia)” of Japan Sake & Shochu Makers’ Association, which to link up Asia Sake market and Japanese sake industry. Moreover, the “Sake Samurai”, which is the 2nd Chinese to achieve this title, as to recognized his contributions and achievements in Sake.

As a wine person, he is also appointed as “Brand Consultant” of most famous Japanese winery – Chateau Mercian, which to provide marketing advice and update information on brand building. In qualifications, Micky is holding his “WSET® Diploma in Wines and Spirits”, “Certified WSET® Educator”, “Certified Specialist of Wine” (CSW) and “Certified Sommelier” (CMS) certificate.

Regarding Japanese Sake, he holds “Certified Sake Sommelier” (SSA), “kikisake-shi” (SSI) and WSET® L3 Award in Sake certificates, too! He is also the 1st person in Hong Kong to hold all three qualifications, together with their course educator qualifications.

陳銘基先生是一位同時活躍於葡萄酒及日本清酒領域的人士。他是資深導師、飲食編輯、酒業顧問及國際評判。他也是香港葡萄酒教學中心的創辦人之一;日本飲食專題雜誌 -- 《Umai 嚐.日》副社長及總編輯;還打理個人多媒體社交平台及部落格 – www.mickychan.com。

陳銘基先生擁有多年的葡萄酒及清酒教學經驗,不停穿梭中、港、台、澳四地作教學及培訓。 同時,他亦獲邀參與多項大型國際性葡萄酒及清酒比賽,擔任評審工作。其中包括:「國際葡萄酒及烈酒比賽」(IWSC)、「國際葡萄酒挑戰賽」(IWC)、「柏林葡萄酒大賞」、「國泰航空香港國際葡萄酒及烈酒比賽 (CXHKIWSC)及「亞洲葡萄酒大賞」等。

2017年,陳先生分別在葡萄酒及日本清酒領域上成就了另一個里程碑。他先是獲委任成為「日本酒造組合中央會 – 海外支援辦公室負責人」,負責亞洲清酒市場與日本清酒業界事務。及後,獲日本清酒釀造協會 – 青年議會委以「酒武士」名銜;成為世界第二位華人奪得此名銜,以承認他對清酒界別作出的成就與貢獻。

葡萄酒方面,陳先生亦同時獲委任成為日本著名葡萄酒 – Chateau Mercian的「品牌顧問」,提供市場資訊及建議,建立品牌形象。 資歷方面,陳銘基先生持有英國WSET®葡萄酒及烈酒文憑及其認可講師資格。此外亦持有美國SWE「認證葡萄酒專家」及世界侍酒師公會「認證品酒師」資格;亦是英國SSA「認証清酒品酒師」、日本SSI「清酒唎酒師」及英國WSET®「三級清酒認證」持有人。

Louis Lee

DipWSET, Accredited BIVB Educator, Certified Bourgogne Expert
Certified Sherry Educator, EWA Scotch Whisky & Gin Educator

Louis Lee

The first BIVB Bourgogne Wine Official Educator in HK. Trained by Scotch Whisky Training School, Speyside Festival Whisky School, Edinburgh Whisky Academy (Single Malt Whisky Diploma and Gin Diploma) and Scotch Whisky Research Institute (Sensory Evaluation of Whiskies: Flavour and their Origins), Springbank Whisky School. Wine & Whisky Columnist of Malt & Spirits Magazine, WineLuxe Magazine, Whisky Magazine HK, 酒誌.

Davy Leung

Certified WSET Educator & VIA Italian wine program tutor

Davy Leung

Davy Leung introduces himself in his corporate finance network as a wine lover, and as a Fellowship Certified Public Accountant with his wine students. Lawyers, accountants, bankers and many other professionals are not uncommon in his student list for years. He teaches amongst his professional network for semi-formal workshops as well as The Open University of Hong Kong, and holds Approved Program Provider licensee for the formal WSET courses, leading and supporting the wine and spirits industry continuously.

Davy joined the executive committee as education director in the China Chapter in 2011, before relocating back to the HK Chapter as program director & vice-treasurer in 2013 from Shanghai and Massachusetts for studies. With his continuous endeavors as the Treasurer since 2015, and became the Chairman since 2017. Davy has been striving to spread the wine culture to private groups, organize wine lectures in business schools in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore, and even helping a wine company in Hong Kong to further develop their business to list in the stock market in the early years.

His passion for wines and spirits has led him to continuously share how to achieve the ultimate work life balance, over different flavours and aromas, anytime, anywhere. Through wine education, virtually everyone can bond together regardless of races, occupation or income, and bring together the human race without barriers and categories.

Davy’s passion in wine has extended internationally. He spent a vintage making his own Mornington Peninsula Pinot Noir with a top producer in 2014, experiencing how wine is made to enrich the knowledge when teaching and sharing. To complete the alcoholic beverage qualification portfolio, Davy has progressively attaining the Jurade de Saint Emilion, Prud’Homme de la Jurade in Bordeaux in 2016, and highly recognized as an ambassador of Saint Emilion wines in particular in the French Wine Society. He has trained to become a Certified Specialist of Wine, a Certified Specialist of Spirits, a Certified Sommelier, Italian Wine Ambassador, Certified Italian Wine Educator, Certified Spanish Wine Educator, Portugal Wine Ambassador, Certified Koshu Expert by the KEC, WSET Diploma holder, Certified WSET Wine Educator and, he is currently taking one of the hardest exam in the world - Masters of Wine.

He will never cease furthering his wine knowledge by taking more advanced courses from 2020 and the future.

Yvonne Ou

JSA Sake Diploma International, WSET L3 Award in Sake
Certified WSET Educator & VIA Italian Wine program tutor


Yvonne Ou has been an experienced Paediatrician for many years and as everyone knows, wine plays a large part in the after-work life of many medical professionals.

Not content with just accepting whichever wine that is offered, she decided to learn more about this subject in order to spend her money wisely and to gain more enjoyment about food and wines overall. In 3 years, she studied WSET Level 2 to WSET Diploma and learnt to appreciate many wines around the world but in particular she has developed a passion for Italian wines.

Thereafter she decided that sharing her knowledge about wines to others might be as rewarding as teaching medical students and perhaps more fun.
In addition to being a DipWSET holder and Certified WSET Educator, she is also a VIA Italian Wine Ambassador and Certified Italian Wine Educator.

To diversify her interests, she is also a WSET Level 3 Award in Sake and J.S.A. Sake Diploma International Holder.
She has joined the Hong Kong Wine Academy after teaching for 2 years in another school and she has been a judge at the Hong Kong International Wine and Spirit Competition for 2 years.

Benny Lee

WSET L3 Award in Wines & Sake, きき酒師, 日本酒學講師, JSA Sake Diploma
Sake Educator


李醒良先生(Benny Lee) 擁有多個 專業資格,包括 JSA Sake Diploma 、 日本 酒侍酒研究會(SSI)酒學講師、 SSI International 公認講師 、 英國葡萄酒及烈 酒教育基金會(WSET)日本清酒及葡萄酒導師、香港首批日本品酒師協會(SSA)日本清酒品酒師等,他亦是清酒品牌「 獺 祭 」的官方培訓員。

李先生自小熱愛日本文化,並於中學時代開始學習日語,後來考入香港頂級學府之一的香港中文大學日本研究學系 ,獲得留學日本的機會,學好日語並考獲日本語能力試最高的一級合格。

李先生是日本專業清酒教育界的先導者之一,2011 年起他於香港葡萄酒教育中心任教SSA專業日本清酒課程,並於2014年從日本SSI引入國際唎酒師課程到本港,成為全香港首名任教此課程的導師,至今為本地清酒界培育了數百名專業人員,在市場擁有領導地位。

此外,他多年來不斷 於多間酒店及組織任教,包括澳門旅遊學院、新濠天地及新濠鋒,亦替私人公司及組織舉辦清酒活動,包括著名腕表卡地亞、香港工業總會等。

自晉身清酒行業後,他不斷參觀日本酒藏,透過親身經歷深化對日本清酒的知識, 帶給每位參加課程的同學。不少完成課程的人士,皆在香港大型酒商、飲食界及酒店業中有良好發展,也有不少人士因此創立自己的清酒事業。 在公開清酒活動方面,他曾獲國泰航空香港國際美酒品評大賽邀請擔任清酒評審,自2015年起則於英國倫敦International Wine Challenge清酒及葡萄酒擔任評審。

此外,他多次於香港貿易發展局主辦的國際美酒展及美食博覽主持清酒試飲講座及大師班,又曾於上海ProWine China WSET論壇、Restaurant & Bar Hong Kong及香港和酒節等主持講座及大師班。

Oliver Chan

WSET L3 Award in Sake, 國際きき酒師
Sake Educator

Oliver Chan_1 Oliver Chan_2

陳子安先生Oliver Chan 在多年前在京都一所居酒屋初嚐美味清酒,自此產生對日本清酒濃厚的興趣,並修讀SSI 國際唎酒師、WSET®️「三級清酒認證」資格。



Hood Hon

Programme Development Officer

Hood Hon

Mr. Hon holds Certified Wine Educator, Certified Specialist of Wine and Certified Specialist of Spirits from the Society of Wine Educators ®. He also holds the Diploma in Wines and Spirits issued by the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET®) and is an Associate of the Institute of Wine and Spirit. He is an Advanced Sommelier from Court of Master Sommelier ® and a holder of Wine Fundamentals Certificate Level 2 issued by International Sommelier Guild ®, and French Wine Scholar from French Wine Society. He has been tasting wine and spirits for the last twenty years. He is responsible for course development in the Academy. He is also among the first Japanese Sake Sommeliers in Hong Kong.

韓世耀先生為美國葡萄酒教育協會的認可導師(CWE)。 他亦已考取該會的葡萄酒(CSW)及烈酒專家資格(CSS)。他同時擁有葡萄酒及烈酒基金會(WSET®)的文憑,世界侍酒大師協會高級認證品酒師(AS),二級國際侍酒師資格,French Wine Scholar 和日本清酒品酒師等的資格。他負責課程發展等工作。

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