Italian wine Certificate -- VIA Maestro Course


Date: 10 Feb -- 31 Mar, 2022 (8 sessions, every Thu)
Time: 19:00 – 22:00
Venue: HKWA

Unit 1205, 12/F, Everglory Centre, 1 B Kimberley Street, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon


Course fee: HK$ 7900 (including textbook, powerpoint notes, exam and certificates)
Discount policy:
*Early bird discount: 10% (full payment received at least 2 weeks before class commence)
*Group discount: 10% (3 or more registered for the same course together)
*Total 15% off for students eligible for both early bird and group discount



Please send filled application form to our e-mail (

Payment can be made by either:
  • Bank Transfer - to our HSBC bank account 112-275276-838
  • FPS -
  • By Cheque – payable to "Hong Kong Wine Academy" and mail to Unit 1205, 12/F, Everglory Centre, 1 B Kimberley Street, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

Target audience

  • wine lovers, who are interested in Italian wines and its native grape vartieties.
  • importers, agents, Sommeliers, restaurant a wine shop owners, retailer, distributors


The study topics represent key areas that will be covered in classes or that the student should concentrate on while preparing. Though VIA focuses and believes in a grape variety study approach, ideally, students should come to the Maestro program with a basic understanding of viticulture and wine making techniques, as this will not be covered in the scope of this course. That knowledge, however, is required in order to fully grasp the concepts covered in the VIA course.
Prior wine education such as WSET level 2/ level 3 / CSW or the Court of Master Sommeliers Certified Sommelier Level may be helpful but are not considered as prerequisites.
All applicants must be over 18+



Candidates are required to pass a closed-book exam, consist of 2 Papers.

Duration: 1 hour + 20 mins
Paper One (1 hour): Written exam -- 50 Multiple Choice
Paper Two (20 minutes): Tasting exam -- 1 white and 1 red
Passing grade: 65%
(A number of outstanding students from the VIA Maestro course may be eligible for direct entry to the VIA Ambassador Certification course.)


Learning Outcomes

Outcome One: The theory of Italian wine and native wine grapes
1) Understand and explain the history, geography, wine laws and labelling of Italian wines and styles.
2) Describe and understand the key factors that influence the characteristics and differences between Italian native grape varieties.
3) Describe and understand the key production factors that influence the characteristics and differences between Regional Italian wine styles, including sparkling, dry, fortified & sweet wines.
4) Be able to provide accurate, authentic and credible information and advice on Italian wines.

Outcome Two: The analytical tasting of Italian wine
Identify and assess the characteristics & quality of Italian wines and styles correctly.


What is the Italian Wine Maestro Certification Course?

This course introduces students to the wealth of Italian native grape varieties that are fundamental to understanding Italy’s complex and fascinating wines.
The focus on native grapes as well as regional appellations sets this course apart from many others and provides a unique depth of knowledge and understanding.

As the complementary base course to VIA’s education system, Italian Wine Mastro is not only the stoning course to the higher level Italian Wine Ambassador / Italian Wine Expert qualification, but also resonates with the continuous contribution from the evolving VIA world community.

Ultimately, the VIA qualifications aim to be the gold standard of Italian Wine Education, under the guidance of its founder Stevie Kim, VIA Chief scientist Prof. Attilio Scienza and supported by the Institutional Advisory board members.


The hierarchy of VIA Program?

There are currently three levels of certification available through the VIA program:
Italian Wine Maestro
Italian Wine Ambassador, and
Italian Wine Expert

The latter being VIA’s highest qualification level.
The goal of the VIA certifications is to develop a cadre of enthusiasts who are highly knowledgeable about Italian wine, can speak and write about Italian wine with authority, and will be credible representatives of the Vinitaly International Academy. Students who successfully pass this course and wish to further their study may apply to enrol in the rigorous VIA study program held annually in Verona and abroad (including Hong Kong), wherein students pursue either the Ambassador or Expert credentials.


Course Tutor -- Davy Leung

Certified WSET Educator & VIA Italian wine program tutor

Davy LeungVIAEducator

Davy Leung introduces himself in his corporate finance network as a wine lover, and as a Fellowship Certified Public Accountant with his wine students. Lawyers, accountants, bankers and many other professionals are not uncommon in his student list for years. He teaches amongst his professional network for semi-formal workshops as well as The Open University of Hong Kong, and holds Approved Program Provider licensee for the formal WSET courses, leading and supporting the wine and spirits industry continuously.

Davy joined the executive committee as education director in the China Chapter in 2011, before relocating back to the HK Chapter as program director & vice-treasurer in 2013 from Shanghai and Massachusetts for studies. With his continuous endeavors as the Treasurer since 2015, and became the Chairman since 2017. Davy has been striving to spread the wine culture to private groups, organize wine lectures in business schools in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore, and even helping a wine company in Hong Kong to further develop their business to list in the stock market in the early years.

His passion for wines and spirits has led him to continuously share how to achieve the ultimate work life balance, over different flavours and aromas, anytime, anywhere. Through wine education, virtually everyone can bond together regardless of races, occupation or income, and bring together the human race without barriers and categories.

Davy’s passion in wine has extended internationally. He spent a vintage making his own Mornington Peninsula Pinot Noir with a top producer in 2014, experiencing how wine is made to enrich the knowledge when teaching and sharing. To complete the alcoholic beverage qualification portfolio, Davy has progressively attaining the Jurade de Saint Emilion, Prud’Homme de la Jurade in Bordeaux in 2016, and highly recognized as an ambassador of Saint Emilion wines in particular in the French Wine Society. He has trained to become a Certified Specialist of Wine, a Certified Specialist of Spirits, a Certified Sommelier, Italian Wine Ambassador, Certified Italian Wine Educator, Certified Spanish Wine Educator, Portugal Wine Ambassador, Certified Koshu Expert by the KEC, WSET Diploma holder, Certified WSET Wine Educator and, he is currently taking one of the hardest exam in the world - Masters of Wine.

He will never cease furthering his wine knowledge by taking more advanced courses from 2020 and the future.

Course Tutor -- Yvonne Ou

JSA Sake Diploma International, WSET L3 Award in Sake
Certified WSET Educator & VIA Italian Wine program tutor

Yvonne_Ou VIAEducator

Yvonne Ou has been an experienced Paediatrician for many years and as everyone knows, wine plays a large part in the after-work life of many medical professionals.

Not content with just accepting whichever wine that is offered, she decided to learn more about this subject in order to spend her money wisely and to gain more enjoyment about food and wines overall. In 3 years, she studied WSET Level 2 to WSET Diploma and learnt to appreciate many wines around the world but in particular she has developed a passion for Italian wines.

Thereafter she decided that sharing her knowledge about wines to others might be as rewarding as teaching medical students and perhaps more fun.
In addition to being a DipWSET holder and Certified WSET Educator, she is also a VIA Italian Wine Ambassador and Certified Italian Wine Educator.

To diversify her interests, she is also a WSET Level 3 Award in Sake and J.S.A. Sake Diploma International Holder.
She has joined the Hong Kong Wine Academy after teaching for 2 years in another school and she has been a judge at the Hong Kong International Wine and Spirit Competition for 2 years.